Alberto Comazzi

Sanipur US

Technical Director

Dr. Alberto Comazzi earned a PhD in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Milan in 2017. Alberto’s research during his academic career was focused on the study of the efficacy, stability, and interaction among different chlorine-based water disinfectants. Along with his main research project, Alberto collaborated with different industries and universities on several catalysis and oil and gas research projects. Alberto is currently employed as Technical Director of Sanipur US based in Philadelphia, PA. Sanipur US is a world provider of several types of supplemental water disinfection systems and technologies including chlorine dioxide and monochloramine generators for potable and process water applications. Alberto is author and co-author of 14 scientific papers that are published in international peer-reviewed journals. He has presented in more than 20 international conferences and expositions. Alberto is a member of the ASHRAE SSPC-188 committee, AWWA premise plumbing committee and the AWT pre-treatment committee.