Christine Robinson

AQTS, Inc.


Dr. Christine Robinson is a practicing industrial hygienist, environmental scientist, and researcher. She has been conducting post-remediation verification assessments and clearance testing for mold remediation and water damage restoration projects in Southern California for 12 years. Dr. Robinson completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University, followed by a Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health with an emphasis in Environmental Management. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Health Sciences as a Global Health Practitioner/Researcher from Trident University. In addition to graduate and post-graduate work, Dr. Robinson has completed more than 300 classroom hours in environmental course work. Dr. Robinson is a California Department of Public Health, Certified Lead Inspector Accessor, and an AHERA Certified Contractor/Supervisor, Building Inspector, Management Planning, and Project Designer. Dr. Robinson is the owner of AQTS, Inc, an environmental consulting company founded in 2008, and an adjunct professor in the College of Safety and Emergency Services at Columbia Southern University. Dr. Robinson’s interest in the association between how water damage mitigation and mold remediation work is performed and the success of the project as defined by an Independent Environmental Professional stemmed from the lack of studies that validated the use of consensus document guidelines as a tool to reduce worker and occupant exposure risk to damp and moldy conditions.