Victor Coppola

GreenWorks Environmental, LLC

Building Biologist

Victor has been immersed in environments his entire life. From uplands woods and fields to lowland marshes and bogs; his early years found him entangled in wild environments. With a BS in Biology (NC State) and MBA (Wake Forest University) Victor’s environmental expertise broadened further into a hybrid of land development best practices and supporting environmental services directed at better use and understanding of the Built Environment. Over the years, Victor has been a Field Biologist (working with plants, microbes, and honey bees) and an Environmental Constraints Planner (working with wetlands, contaminated sites and waterfront developments). Since 2007, his focus has been on Built Environmental Biology; being specifically sought out to help eradicate strange odors, manage building moisture and address microbial imbalances. Professionally, Mr. Coppola is the founder of GreenWorks Environmental, LLC (GWE) an Indoor Air Quality investigative / correction firm that coined the phrase “Healthy Starts at Home”. GWE is known for their practical approach to managing how the Built Environment collides with Natural Environments. Their M.O.M. Services help property owners’ and facility managers deal with the three most common issues affecting today’s building occupants: Moisture, Odor & Mold. Personally, Victor is actively involved in Scouting and is an Eagle Scout. He regularly speaks before industry trade associations and local groups on a broad variety of environmental issues. He’s always available to talk about natural and built environments and how they all collide to affect our overall health.