Bradley Cord

Partner Engineering and Science

Gas and Vapor Mitigation Specialist

Bradley Cord has over 15 years of experience designing, maintaining, and installing mechanical piping systems ranging from sanitary plumbing and storm water drainage systems, potable water supply systems, hydronic heating and cooling systems, and gas and vapor intrusion mitigation systems. He has been a part of a wide variety of construction projects across the U.S. ranging from new construction, complete building renovations and additions to historical architecture.  Mr. Cord has provided successful mitigation solutions for radon in a range of property types including single and multi-family apartment buildings/complexes, various large commercial buildings including hotels and stadiums as well as schools and daycare facilities.  Additionally, Mr. Cord has experience with design and installation of passive and/or active radon resistant systems for newly constructed buildings.  Mr. Cord has provided oversight and onsite management to implement all aspects of radon resistant new construction methods including the application of vapor barriers as well as installation of associated components.