Brian Nemetz

Partner Engineering and Science

Technical Director Of Industrial Hygiene and H&S

Brian has over 20 years of experience as an Industrial Hygienist. As a Technical Director of Industrial Hygiene and Health & Safety for Partner Engineering, he is responsible for managing a nation-wide staff covering all aspects of industrial hygiene including, but not limited to the following: asbestos, lead, radon, indoor air quality, Legionella, negative exposure assessments, and mold investigations. These projects may include, overseeing multi-phase remediation projects for commercial, industrial, governmental, and construction companies. Brian, has of course, completed projects of the aforementioned topics. He still really geeks out of IAQ and mold projects. Brian given hundreds of presentations on various industrial hygiene topics and has been published numerous times. Brian graduated from Stockton College and has worked for the Clayton Group Services, Engineering and Fire Investigations, BEM Systems, the PMK Group, Hillmann Consulting and of course Partner Engineering and Science.