Charles Bodas

Having worked as an industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety consultant for over 20 years in fields such as asbestos, occupational and environmental noise assessment, and hazardous substances exposure monitoring, in 2021 Mr Bodas joined the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) providing a technical lead role for the Respiratory Protection Program (RPP).

The RPP at RMH is responsible for respiratory protection for its 10,000+ employees. Respirator fit testing is a key part of the program, which also includes risk assessments and ventilation/indoor air quality improvement projects. Since its inception the RPP has also broadly contributed to research on respiratory protection of healthcare workers with the publication of several papers, most recently in the Medical Journal of Australia. In November 2021, the RPP was awarded the Excellence in Allied Health and Clinical Support Services Award at the Melbourne Health Celebrating Excellence Awards 2021.