Elizabeth Seebaran

ROSE Environmental Limited

Ms. Elizabeth Seebaran currently applies her knowledge in the field of environmental and occupational health for the last nine (9) years, in the most southern Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. Her experience entails environmental instrumentation applications with consultancy and execution for over 75 indoor environmental quality projects for commercially occupied buildings, including offshore accommodation units, of which she particularly enjoys the challenges of problem-solving on investigative projects. Her experience includes biological sampling and mold remediation assessments, including that of a past study on assessing the effectiveness of UV germicidal irradiation on mold and bacteria colonies for Air Handler Units.

In addition to indoor air quality, her competencies also include industrial hygiene applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical and manufacturing industries. Earlier career years included experience in auditing for health, safety, and environment, in the oil and gas exploration and refining sectors. To date, she has co-facilitated on other indoor environmental quality workshops in Trinidad and Tobago and has also delivered two (2) industrial hygiene presentations within the last few years at the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Trinidad and Tobago annual HSSE conferences.