Greg Weatherman

aerobioLogical Solutions, Inc.

Greg Weatherman has worked with mold investigations and remediation since 1997 primarily in the Washington DC area and microbial assessment along the East Coast.  He is currently licensed in Florida for mold assessment. He is a non-voting, technical advisor for the IICRC S520 Consensus Body for the upcoming 4th Edition.  He is a voting member of the Consensus Body for the BSR/S700 Standard for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration.  He has been using ERMI samples as the most dominant sample method since 2006. He has clients across America primarily with health complaints.  He holds a Certified Microbial Consultant certification from the American Council of Accredited Certifications supported by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards.  He has used genetic testing for mold starting with MSQPCR for air sampling in 2003 and ERMI in 2006 as the dominant sample method. This diverse background led to 4 patents for cleaning the air with misting water-based formulations that have slow evaporating characteristics for cleaning purposes indoors where HEPA filtration fails.