Gregor Riese

Gregor Riese is a director and principal consultant for the indoor environment and risk management consultancy Opira Group. He completed a Masters in Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology with ECU in 2018 and subsequently worked with SafeWork Australia’s GHS harmonisation program specifically focussed on the health impacts of diesel engine emissions and welding fumes. Gregor presented papers at the AIOH 2018 conference on the topic of health risks of in-building sewage treatment systems, and the 2019 conference on the topic of cancer declarations by IARC and their impact on exposure standards.
Prior to completing his training as an occupational hygienist, Gregor worked as an environmental planner/project consultant servicing the waste management and recycling industries. His current professional focus is on indoor air quality and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for office-based workers. He recently gained certification as a WELL Accredited Practitioner and has accreditation NABERS Indoor Environment assessor.