Jonathan Heckelmann

Lohmiller and Company

IAQ Specialist

Jonathan Heckelmann has been focused on researching, supporting, and designing Indoor Air Quality solutions for buildings all over the United States. He works for Lohmiller and Company Carrier West, a HVAC distributor supplying Carrier, Parts, Service, and multiple different IAQ brands, located in Denver, Colorado. Jonathan studied Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology along with Mechanical Engineering. Because of this focus, he is well in tune with scientific studies, reports, jargon and has a deep passion for creating a healthier future through providing cleaner air for people both residentially and commercially. Jonathan has plenty of experience in presenting different IAQ products and has a solid footing in the industry and topics that have been pushed. Overall, Jonathan is committed to making a difference in consumer awareness about indoor air quality and its effects on human health.