Karen Meyer

Partner Engineering & Science

Karen M Meyer was the owner of Eco Advisors, LLC until April 1st, 2019 when her company joined with Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.  Ms. Meyer currently serves as Principal and National Client Manager.   She has performed as well as manages thousands of various Industrial Hygiene projects associated with environmental and occupational health. Property types include multi-family apartment buildings/complexes, commercial office buildings, shopping centers, multi-tenant commercial complexes, industrial warehouses and manufacturing facilities, schools, municipality complexes, and roads and bridges.    

Her career started with the local health department and after ten (10) years she moved on to the consulting world.  Ms. Meyer is a Certified Industrial Hygiene in Comprehensive Practice.  She also holds a FL asbestos consultant license and two certifications with the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC), Indoor Environmental Consultant and Environmental Infection Control Consultant.  Ms. Meyer sits on the ACAC CEICC/CEICR board. 

Ms. Meyer owned Eco Advisors for almost twenty years but is pleased to be part of the Partner family.  Partner provides a range of industrial hygiene services to help our clients identify potential health and safety risks in buildings and provide workable solutions. We work with clients during commercial due diligence, redevelopment, or in response to potential concerns, providing services to evaluate hazards, safely manage them in place, or when necessary, remediate them.