Morten Reeslev

Mycometer, Inc.

Morten Reeslev has a Bachelors Degree  in Chemistry, and a Masters Degree in Biology from Copenhagen University and a PhD in microbiology from the Technical University of Denmark.

He has been working with fungi and bacteria for +30 years and served more than 20 years within the mold investigations and remediation industry developing technology, doing research, writing peer-reviewed papers and presentations for scientific conferences as well as training 1000+ IAQ practitioners and damage management professionals all over the world.

He is the CEO and co-founder of the company, Mycometer which today is among the world-leading providers of rapid microbiological methods in the indoor environment and in water. It is the only rapid technology that has been verified by US-EPA through the ETV program and is an accredited method in accredited laboratories and is the Danish standard. It has also received an ASHRAE innovation award and is currently under review for becoming both an ASTM standard and ISO standard.