Ronald Young

I have been in this industry since 1979. I have been boots on the ground on every single project in my business career...thousands of them. From post fire events in large built environments to residential settings. I have chased hurricanes to a commode overflow. I have assessed high risers on the coast lines to an out house in a state park. I have surveyed, field tested almost any building imaginable from Government facilities, Military Bases, Institutional facilities, Multi-Family builds, and even bridges.

I respond to the short-comings of this industry especially dealing with, in the indoor air quality (IAQ), indoor environmental quality, microbial remediation, fire smoke restoration, asbestos lead abatement, industrial hygiene, construction failures, property insurances companies, lawyers & litigation, and the ongoing occupational safety & health issues created from many restoration/remediation contractors performing tasks that are just plain ignorant, misinformed, non-licensed, not certified, and/or fly-by-night contractors responding to local disaster events.

What I have observed and experienced especially in this arena of building industry that the individuals who are to respond and help you with your building issues especially in the property insurance, your building warranty divisions, your property management, and your hired litigation team arenas; was that many common folks out there and their building issues are not adequately being addressed and cared for as they expected too. It’s like these entities who really are responsible to help have a dialogue to say…this is what you’re going to get…take it or leave it attitudes…you’re not covered…your building warranty is only for ‘one year’…these individuals, companies, or firms really didn’t care about doing it right and/or actually helping you and your building issues for correcting/mitigating to present ‘industry standards’ and Florida contractual obligations, they just want your money and they forget your rights as a consumer client, never consider your health, and their contractual obligations to you.

My personal interest and passion for life 1. Family, 2. My Career, 3. Fishing, 4. Volunturing-when I can.