Shavaun Cotter

Partner Engineering & Science

Shavaun Cotter started working at Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. in January 2010 and currently serves as Technical Director of Radon services within the Industrial Hygiene Department.  She has performed as well as managed Environmental Site Assessments and various Industrial Hygiene assessments associated with due diligence real estate transactions across the United States.  Property types include multi-family apartment buildings/complexes, commercial office buildings, shopping centers, multi-tenant commercial complexes, industrial warehouses and manufacturing facilities, gas stations, auto repair facilities, and dry-cleaning facilities. 

Ms. Cotter currently holds a National Radon Certification with an advanced certificate in Multifamily Measurement as well as State Licenses in NJ and PA for radon measurement.  She is proficient in radon measurement standards including ANSI-AARST Protocol for Conducting Radon and Radon Decay Products Measurements in Multi-Family Buildings (MAMF -2017) and ANSI-AARST Protocol for Conducting Measurements of Radon and Radon Decay Products in Schools and Large Buildings (MALB -2014).  Ms. Cotter has conducted numerous radon screenings at residential and commercial properties throughout the Northeast as well as Project Managed radon surveys across the United States in accordance with the state-required protocol and per scope of work from various agencies including Department of Housing and Urban Development and The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation known as Freddie Mac.

Ms. Cotter was seated on the AARST Consortium for National Radon Standards – Committee on Radon Measurement Standards.  This committee is tasked with considerations for continuous improvement to radon measurement standards that include ANSI/AARST MAH (Home Measurement), MAMF (Multifamily Measurement) and MALB (School and Large Building Measurement).