Stanley Yeskolski

Investigative Inspection Services, Inc.

Expert inspector of brick, stone, roofing, EIFS, and stucco exteriors, moisture intrusion causation inspections, and mold sampling. Qualified in court as an expert in construction, EIFS, stucco, building inspection, mold contamination, and identification/ assessment of water damage. 

National-level industry leader. Wrote certification standards, assessment questions, professional education curriculum, and assessment/remediation protocols for numerous industry organizations. Certified professional with the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries, Exterior Design Institute, Moisture Warranty Corporation, Building Specs, Inc., Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, and American Indoor Air Quality Association.

Veteran instructor to inspectors and professionals from various fields since 2000. Forty years of combined experience in building, construction, and inspection industries, focusing on inspection since 1998. A dedicated and accomplished professional, serving with integrity and care.