Thomas Licker

IRS - Insurance Restoration Specialists

Thomas Licker, BS, CEICR, CBRM

Thomas Licker has over 20 years of professional experience that includes managing the investigation and remediation of Industrial, Commercial and Residential properties. In addition he has been involved with the risk mitigation of biohazardous and hazardous materials in relation to the food, transportation, life sciences and healthcare industries.  Mr. Licker has worked as a contractor for the Federal EPA Site Assessment and Technical Assistance Team as over-sight for CERCLA and RCRA Corrective Actions. Additional management responsibilities include business development strategies, sales and marketing of Insurance Restoration  Specialists,  Inc.  and  executive  management  of  the  Infection  Control Technologies division. Mr. Licker has been an active member of the New Jersey Food Processors association, New Jersey Food Council, the International Association for Food Protection, International Facility Management Association, American Bio Recovery Association, Association for Professionals in Infection Control and sits as the current President of the Board of Directors for ABRA.