Travis West

Building Air Quality Inc.

Mold Assessment Consultant

Travis West is the owner of Building Air Quality, Inc., a Houston, Texas indoor air quality consulting firm.  Starting from ground-zero, he has developed, operated, and grown his business over 30 years into a very successful IAQ consulting firm.

Mr. West is a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) and a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC) in the state of Texas.  He has worked in numerous commercial buildings focusing on high-rise buildings across the state of Texas.

Over the last 14 years, he has also provided contract consulting as an SME (subject matter expert) on indoor air quality and mold for the Region 6 offices of Federal Occupational Health, Environmental Health and Safety Services in Dallas, Texas.  This work has taken him to a myriad of commercial structures including century-old Federal Courthouses, large and small border crossing stations, flooded armories, the very discreet offices occupied by several secretive “3-letter agencies”, and many, many Social Security Administration offices both large and small.

Mr. West is an accomplished presenter and has held a Certified Toastmasters (CTM) designation for public speaking and presentations for more than 20 years.